Individual Investment Management Services

Our Investment Management includes comprehensive Financial Planning. Each portfolio is designed and managed to optimize your income, providing sustainable income throughout your retirement that meets your lifestyle.

Our Process



What is your story?
Our discovery process is designed to DO MORE than analyze your financial assets.



Your investment portfolio is optimized to match your personalized financial strategies.



Your investments are managed with the power of institutional guiding principles and financial tools.



Feel secure in our proactive ongoing guidance to make sure you stay on track to meet your goals.

Investment Management clients benefit from the methodology and purchasing power of Alaska Permanent Capital Management's institutional assets under management. Individual clients are accessing the same technology and expertise that is applied to the management of funds for state and local governments, Alaska Native Corporations, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations.

The firm embraces its responsibility as a fiduciary and accepts no soft-dollar or outside fee arrangements. This level of independence minimizes conflicts of interest and provides you with fee transparency.

Fee Schedule

Account Balance Annual Advisory Fee
First $1 million


Next $2 million


Next $2 million


Minimum of $500,000. For accounts exceeding $5 million, please request a separate fee schedule. Fees are calculated for the prorated monthly portion and billed monthly in arrears for the specified time period. Calculation is based on the account value at the close of business on the last business day of the month.

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