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Are you ready to take control of your financial future? At Alaska Wealth Advisors, our highly qualified team specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning services tailored to individuals and families.

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Financial independence is about having more choices.

Investment Management

Investment Management clients benefit from the methodology and purchasing power of Alaska Permanent Capital Management’s institutional assets under management. Individual clients are accessing the same technology and expertise that is applied to the management of funds for state and local governments, Alaska Native Corporations, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations.

Ongoing Review


What is your story? Our discovery process is designed to DO MORE than analyze your financial assets.


Your investment portfolio is optimized to match your personalized financial strategies.


Your investments are managed with the power of institutional guiding principles and financial tools.

Ongoing Review

Feel secure in our proactive ongoing guidance to make sure you stay on track to meet your goals.

Our Investment Management includes comprehensive Financial Planning. Each portfolio is designed and managed to optimize your income, providing sustainable income throughout your retirement that meets your lifestyle.

Financial Planning

With a team of Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners our commitment is to give your wealth purpose and empower you on the path to a financially secure future. We provide comprehensive financial planning that considers your needs, life goals, and looks beyond what you have to invest. We believe our fee only, client first approach ensures the highest level of objectivity.

Examples of financial planning engagements and applying our expertise include:

Retirement Planning

Retirement can be one of life’s most exciting and challenging transitions. As your partner in financial success, we like to explore what retirement means to you and together illustrate a plan to best fit your lifestyle vision.

We provide a comprehensive plan that includes:
Varying Savings and Investment Strategies
Income Planning in Retirement
Cash Flow and Spending Plans

We ensure you have key retirement questions answered:

Transition Planning

When going through a big life transition such as a divorce, bereavement, or inheritance financial decisions must include both immediate needs and the long-term forecast. A clearer view of your financial future empowers you to make educated decisions. Our experience with transition oriented financial analysis assists in our aim to produce a stable economic future and prevent long-term regret with financial decisions made during difficult times.

Alaska Wealth Advisors does not provide accounting, tax, or legal advice. You should always consult with your accountant, tax professional, or attorney with regard to specific questions pertaining to accounting, tax, or legal questions.

Our transition planning services and include:

The divorce process can be overwhelming as you deal with the financial implications of the divorce in addition to the emotional distress. Financial advice early in the process helps you to approach a settlement that fully addresses your financial needs and capabilities.

We will work collaboratively with your divorce attorney as you look to put together a good team. Our initial discovery meeting is at no cost to help you evaluate your financial situation. We have significant experience with complex planning strategies as you look to divide assets and create your new financial future.

Following the death of a spouse, dealing with personal finances can be bewildering, considering that you are grieving. We are here to help you transition from widow(er) to independent person, empowering you to manage your money to meet your needs, goals, and hopes for your future. We bring financial expertise and strategic advice for your immediate needs to advanced planning. We advocate for you and with you on your timeline, without rushing you through any decisions. We are part of your transition team, working collaboratively with your CPA/Tax Advisor, Attorney, and Insurance Advisor. We are your fee-only fiduciary partner, providing strategic advice for you and with you.

Life events such as the birth of a child can have a significant impact on your financial picture. It becomes crucial during these moments to assess the suitability of your financial plans in meeting your family's evolving needs. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your situation, we can assist you in making necessary adjustments.
Receiving or anticipating an inheritance or windfall provides an opportunity to secure your long-term financial well-being through effective planning. Our experienced advisors are here to assist you in formulating a strategy tailored to your specific circumstances. We can address any concerns you may have regarding tax implications and guide you on the optimal timing for distribution to make the most of your newfound resources.

Transitioning to a new job can have an impact on your income and overall financial plan. Whether you received a raise, need to rollover your 401(k), or have made the decision to stay home for a period due to having a child, there's no need to worry. We specialize in planning for these transitions, ensuring that necessary adjustments are made to keep you on track towards your retirement goals. Our expertise lies in helping you navigate through these changes and maintain financial stability.

Medical Professionals

At Alaska Wealth Advisors, we’ve grown our niche expertise with medical professionals. We are one of the vetted advisors recommended by White Coat Investor – a popular resource for medical professionals nationwide. 

We work closely with our medical professionals to ensure we cover the typical financial planning concerns. Additionally, we work to find additional ways to add value to our clients through superfunding retirement plans through backdoor Roth IRAs, cash balance plans, individual 401Ks, or finding tax-efficient strategies to transfer wealth.

White Coat Investor

White Coat Investor is not now nor has ever been a client of the Alaska Wealth Advisors. White Coat Investor receives compensation from Alaska Wealth Advisors in the form of $4000 annually. Due to such compensation and business relationship, White Coat Investor has an incentive to recommend Alaska Wealth Advisors and its advisers, resulting in material conflicts of interest.

Over the years, we’ve learned that these are the top financial planning concerns for doctors:

Start making informed financial decisions – partner with a knowledgeable financial advisor.

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