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Honoring the Legacy of Cathie Straub: Businesswoman, Founder, Community Advocate and Friend

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In Memoriam: Cathie Straub (1963 – 2023)

It is with heavy hearts and immense gratitude that we pay tribute to one of our founders and my business partner, Cathie Straub, who peacefully passed away on September 1st after a long battle with cancer. As a pillar of our community and an invaluable member of our company for over a decade, Cathie will be deeply missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.

Cathie was not only an exceptional business partner but also a friend, mentor, and a beacon of inspiration for all who crossed her path. Her unwavering dedication, creativity, and strategic vision played an instrumental role in shaping the success of our organization. Cathie’s meticulous planning and exemplary leadership set the foundation for our continued growth and prosperity.

In Cathie’s absence, we find solace in her pivotal role in building our exceptional team, including Meghan Carson, CPA, CFP®, Marietta Hall, CFP®, and Connor Michael, CFP®—all integral to her clients’ financial plans for years. As a united team, we’re committed to preserving and executing Cathie’s vision, maintaining her legacy of meticulous planning and unwavering dedication. This ensures her clients continue to receive the expertise and care they depend on.

As we navigate this difficult time, we are reminded of the importance of cherishing those who have touched our lives and the legacies they leave behind. Cathie Straub will forever remain an inspiration to us all, and her memory will continue to guide us as we forge ahead on the path she paved.

Rest in peace, dear Cathie. Your spirit will forever be felt within our hearts and our company forever.

Laura Bruce, CFP®




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