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The Dave Thorsness Rowing Challenge

A prospective client came to our office a few weeks ago and as I talked about the APCM team and all the expertise we have within our state the prospect asked: “Why aren’t these people in New York or California with all these qualifications?” It’s a great question. In our hyper connected world where we can electronically access anyone, anywhere, anytime, why do we value the ability to sit across a table from you?

If you knew our founder Dave Rose, you know that hiring the best people in Alaska for Alaskan’s was a guiding principal over 25 years ago. When a client comes to us with a question or a challenge to solve, we take pride in the fact that it can be answered face to face by one of the 6 CFA’s or 4 CFP’s, 4 MBA’s, 2 CPA’s, 1 RP, 1 AIF and 1 CAIA (whew!).

At APCM the synergy is the key. It’s not only that investment decisions are made here for our clients’ specific needs, it’s our ability to communicate them that adds additional value. It also makes a difference that the brightest people are here because they choose to be a part of this community. At our recent team building event, The Dave Thorsness Rowing Challenge, our Director of Fixed Income, Bill Lierman, couldn’t make the event because his little league team progressed in their tournament that weekend and needed their coach. No worries, our intern and life-long Alaskan, Charlie Scott, filled in. Fortunately, our other little league coach, Travis Gularte, was tournament free. Paul Hanson, our newest bond team member, was on summer break from Lego Robotics coaching, and since we were on liquid water, it meant that Connor Michael could take a break from coaching free style skiing in Girdwood. Amber Frizzell, our VP of marketing, had the weekend off from volunteering with Keys to Life Alaska. Jasmine Gilpin wasn’t leading any back-country hikes with our friends at the Schwab office. Then there’s Cathie, a 2015 YWCA Woman of Achievement winner, and volunteer at organizations such as Girls Rock Camp Alaska, Anchorage International Rotary Club, Great Land Trust, Anchorage ATHENA Society and the YWCA. The “DAVE” was an APCM team building event and it provided support for the Anchorage Rowing Association which I founded 20 years ago and still volunteer with today. Seven of our eight rowers were born and raised here. Eight of eight rowers are invested in this state and in growing your monies and their life right here in Alaska.

The rowing challenge was a chance to test our synergy. It’s also the third year we’ve done the event and over those three years twenty-one of our staff have participated and bonded in that shared experience. Two days after the event Paul Hanson shared a video he made of our 2018 team enjoying another beautiful Alaska day with each other.

You can see it here: The Dave 2018

Marietta “Ed” Hall, CFP®
Financial Advisor


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