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Meet Our Intern – Lutfi “Louie” Lena

As I wrap up my undergraduate degree and spend this semester with Alaska Permanent Capital Management (APCM) as an intern, I reflect on this blessed journey to where I find myself today. When I graduated from West Anchorage High School four years ago, I had the inclination that I wanted to pursue finance since I […]

The Private College 529 Plan

College students like me are painfully aware of tuition prices. What’s more, the cost of attending college is constantly rising. Even still, many families want to help their children pay for college. To accomplish this, many people use tax advantaged college savings vehicles called 529s. Recently, alternatives to the traditional state-sponsored 529 plans have emerged. […]

Meet Our Intern – Alexander Emili

Myself I am an Alaskan at heart, but not by birth. Born in South Carolina, went to elementary school in Ohio, I ended up in Alaska for the sixth grade. When I first moved up here, it was a different world from the rest. I learned to love the relative isolation and the gorgeous scenery […]

Meet Our Intern – Charlie Scott

My name is Charlie Scott and I am a born and raised Alaskan. I grew up on Government Hill looking across Ship Creek towards the Anchorage Skyline. I’ve always wanted a career where I could help people. This, along with a love for math and science caused me to gravitated towards biochemistry with an interest […]

Summer Internship Opportunity

Firm Alaska Permanent Capital Management Company Alaska Permanent Capital Management was founded in 1992 by David Rose, a former Executive Director of the Permanent Fund. APCM is an independent investment manager and advisor. APCM’s current clientele is comprised of institutions in the public and private sectors as well as individuals under its private wealth division […]

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