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Sneak Peek at Wealth Essentials Video Series

We are excited to announce that APCM Wealth Management for Individuals (AWMI) has a new website coming, and when it launches, clients will see our new client-centered video page.  We want to empower our clients to learn and be engaged with their investments and planning, and we know we must meet them where they are. 

The advisors at AWMI are developing a great series of short videos called “Wealth Essentials.”  We take simple to complex subjects and give viewers an introduction.  Our vision for Wealth Essentials is that it is a tool for clients and their adult children, who might be learning about wealth accumulation for the first time.  This multi-generational approach gives our clients a medium to discuss wealth accumulation and the basic habits that will make the next generation smarter spenders and smarter savers.  We also hope our clients might pass these links to friends who might want to take a peek at our expertise before calling us.                                                                                                         

Our first three videos in the Wealth Essentials series are already on our YouTube page (click the links below):

We chose the first three subjects to address common questions.  For example, Roth versus traditional can be a simple subject, and yet many clients appreciate the explanation.  In contrast, QCD strategies can be a complex topic to understand as clients near the year they turn 70-and-a-half.

Here is a little 19-second teaser, just click on the photo.

At AWMI we have something for everyone in our education tool box.  Our advisors write blogs for visual learners to digest the current financial news.  We also have the client portal for hands-on kinesthetic learners to explore their accounts.  And, for the auditory learners, we will be adding audio readings of our blogs.  All of this will be available on our updated website.  

We believe that even the most experienced investors need access to the basics.  By presenting information in multiple mediums and making it accessible when clients need it, we strive to deepen our clients’ trust and our relationship with them.  Future topics will run the gamut from “Why do My Bonds Lose Value When Rates Go Up?” to “How Does a Cash Balance Retirement Plan Work?”  As with our blog, we welcome feedback and topic suggestions as we build our resource library. Stay tuned for the release of our refreshed website in the fall.

Marietta Hall, CFP®
Senior Advisor



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