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Meet Wenwen Dong – Associate Financial Advisor

These days, I love waking up every morning and turning on Bloomberg Radio. I pay attention to earnings multiples, inflation expectations, economic forecasts, and such.  I also love to read corporate income statements and their financial rations, as well as to listen to portfolio managers decipher economic indicators.  However, this wasn’t always my story.

I came to the United States 12 years ago from Beijing, China. I arrived with a student visa, a  scholarship package, and  two suitcases. With the English proficiency of a ninth grader, I parachuted into a performing arts graduate program in dance at the University of Oregon. Those were the innocent days when life held nothing else but dancing, when art was king and money was non-existent. I had no clue people must file taxes, nor did I know there is something called Social Security.  Looking back on those early years, I am glad that I thoroughly enjoyed dancing, traveling, and befriending people. 

Life is so much about creating meaning, and dancing is very meaningful. Eventually, though, knowing that career had an inherent short life-expectancy, I questioned myself, “then what?” That was when I was invited to an investment workshop, where the lecturer talked about compound interest. At that point, everything clicked.

I realized that if an individual or a family simply had made a few smarter financial choices, their life could be completely different. Fascinated, I decided to start a new career. In 2014, I started with insurance sales, and then I became a licensed investment agent. I obtained Certified Financial Planner® status during 2018. Now, I am a candidate going through one of the most rigorous professional programs to become a Chartered Financial Analyst.

I am grateful for this opportunity to work at APCM. Witnessing all the talented people who I work with humbles me and drives me to learn from them. As much as I like waking up to Bloomberg Radio, I love being around clients and their families to listen to their stories and to figure out what best I can do to make them feel secure about their future. 

Clients come to the advisors at APCM with questions about whether they will have enough savings to retire in a comfortable lifestyle or to support their children through college; they wonder if they are maximizing their generational wealth. APCM offers robust investment strategies and sophisticated financial planning for sustainable growth and income.

With that, I always have full confidence in telling people I can help them reach their goal and making sure they feel confident and secure from the inside out. 

Wenwen Dong, CFP®
Associate Financial Advisor



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