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Meet our Newest Team Member – Mickela Covieo

As a young teenager, I would have never imagined I would find myself working at the firm who supervises the AML Investment Pool my dad was the president of for over 10 years. Alaska is a small place! After around 10 years of a diverse and progressive corporate background from an intern, to support specialist, to team lead, to manager with a global oil and gas leader, British Petroleum (BP), I decided to take some time off with my new daughter during the pandemic after BP divested their Alaskan assets in 2020.

How did I make the leap from visiting the North Slope in steel toed boots to help our suppliers improve their quality management systems to ensuring financial stability for generations to come? It all started with Laura Bruce. I was naturally drawn to her as a mentor and role model when I was a teenager attending board meetings and bond signings with my father. My father’s highest complement to Laura has been if my he passes, my mother is to reach out to her for guidance with all financial matters. When BP publicly announced that they were divesting their assets, she reached out letting me know about the opportunity to support APCM’s diverse institutional clients.

I am extremely excited to work with institutional clients across the state and help support investing in the future of Alaska. As a life-long Alaskan who grew up on St. Paul Island, learned to speak and dance Aleut. I ventured north to Fairbanks, completed a B.A. in Finance and an MBA from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and relocated to Anchorage to begin my professional career.

My husband is in the United States Air Force, ensuring our airmen and women are kept safe as a Survival Instructor. As you can imagine we both greatly enjoy the Alaskan outdoors, and you will find our family out camping, hiking, fishing, or exploring with our newest “COVID puppy” addition, Jack, a 1-year-old Austrian Shepherd.

Every day is a different adventure, whether I am helping an existing client review options to maximize their portfolio, helping onboard new board members, or building relationships in our community to help strengthen Alaska’s financial future. I am excited to be a part of this team and looking forward to meeting clients all across the state while helping them meet their goals and give back to future generations.

Mickela Covieo
Institutional Client Relationship Manager



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