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Meet our new team member – Nicole Squires

“You can do hard things.” Someone once said this quote to me, and it has changed my perspective on strength and adaptability. Since childhood, I have always been the over-achieving type. I joined clubs, participated in sports teams, volunteered, and pushed myself academically. I graduated college with double bachelor’s degrees and started working in management right after graduation. However, early on in my career, I realized that the jobs I pursued and excelled at did not provide the challenge I was searching for. I wanted more. I wanted to challenge myself mentally and professionally.I have always been an independent person. I grew up in a large Italian household in New Jersey, which meant you had to be able to hold your own at the dinner table. “We aren’t yelling at each other; it’s just how we talk.” Both of my parents dared to dream big. They were self-sufficient, strong, caring, and giving. They set examples of a strong work ethic, but also showed me that life must be lived with fun, adventure, and love.I found my wonderful husband in college (We Are! Penn State!) and together we have built an amazing life, incorporating the teachings from our parents. My spouse is truly the person who makes me better. As an active-duty Army family, we have learned to be strong, adaptable, and balanced. We have lived all over the country, and each location has brought us new adventures, experiences, and perspectives. In 2015, my spouse deployed overseas and during his time away, I made the leap into a financial career. I earned my Series 7 and Series 66 FINRA licenses and transitioned to a full-time financial advisor.Since then, we have moved twice and now find ourselves in our dream location – Alaska. We have fully embraced everything it has to offer. We love a good challenge, so you can always find us trying a new hobby. However, as a Jersey Girl, this didn’t come naturally to me. I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone to embrace “doing hard things” like skiing, snowboarding, pack rafting, and navigating the wildlife in my own backyard.As if that wasn’t challenging enough, we welcomed our first child in 2021, and are now toddler parents.I chose to join Alaska Wealth Advisors because they embrace challenges. They encourage stepping out of your comfort zone and help you learn and grow. I say “learn your way up” because education is at the foundation of this firm. The vast amount of knowledge, background, and education within the firm captivated me. My mother, who is a teacher, instilled in me the belief that we should never stop learning and that there is always something new to embrace. Additionally, my father, who is also a financial advisor, taught me that hard work pays off, as long as you don’t quit.I am excited to meet the new families I will serve and the challenges they will bring. To all the families I have served in the past, I want to express my gratitude for all that you have taught me. Thank you.


Nicole Squires
Associate Financial Advisor


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