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Meet our new Associate Financial Advisor – Stan Moiseev

Three years have passed since I decided to pursue my MBA with a concentration in finance at Alaska Pacific University and left my country of origin with my wife. It’s been a great challenge for me to learn new languages and cultures, but it’s all been worth it as I’ve broadened my educational background and become more skilled in business administration and finance.

My father is a pilot, and I was lucky to have an opportunity to travel around the world and study in the US and Japan in my teenage years. I can call my family international since my father moved to South Korea and my elder brother to Japan. We love visiting each other from time to time and enjoy sharing our latest news and achievements.

I had several years of experience in the government and private sector after I obtained a bachelor’s degree in public administration. Moving to Alaska was a spontaneous decision that turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. During my studies at APU, I worked on campus in various positions including assistant professor, resident assistant, and served in the student government as a graduate representative. I paid a lot of attention to studying and was able to graduate with honors and won several awards and scholarships that helped me on my path.

I joined the AWMI team as an Associate Financial Advisor in June of 2022 right after graduation. I am grateful for this opportunity to work alongside all the talented people who encourage me to learn from them and grow as a professional. I find the world of financial planning and asset management fascinating, and I love to see the results of our work in helping people to meet their financial goals. I believe we are making a positive impact on our community not only by assisting our clients to preserve and increase their wealth but also through a variety of educational events. One such upcoming event is the 6th Annual Empowered Teens Event which will happen on October 21. The purpose is to provide hope and education for teenage girls regarding career and goal setting. We’ve gathered extraordinary role models such as Senator Lisa Murkowski, Dr. Anne Zink, Olympians, and incredible business leaders of our community in the past and have an equally as compelling panel this year. The event is free and open to teen girls across the state. Please see the flyer below for more information.

Stan Moiseev
Associate Financial Advisor


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