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Meet our intern – Jack Sedor

My name is Jack Sedor, and as a lifelong Alaskan I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to intern in my home state at Alaska Capital Permanent Management. I am interning until May and cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am by the opportunity to learn from the incredible professionals in the APCM family.

I grew up in South Anchorage, but quickly learned that the vast beauty of Alaska is not limited to one place. Through skiing, paddle boarding, surfing, and hiking I have experienced the state from the northern Brooks Range down to the island of Kodiak and have not even begun to scratch the surface of what Alaska has to offer.

In 2015, I graduated from Dimond Highschool as a multi-sport athlete in soccer, football, and tennis before embarking on a Finance and Economics degree at Marshall University in West Virginia. Most people recognize it from the movie We Are Marshall, but for me it was the place I could achieve my goal of being a Division I athlete competing against the very best soccer players in the country. During my two years there, I worked diligently to meet the physical and behavioral standards of a Division I athlete, while also participating in the Honors program and being included on the Dean’s list for academic performance. I helped my team get to their first conference final in 20 years eliminating two top 25 teams along the way.

Sometimes in life unexpected circumstances can lead to an incredible opportunity, and after a series of serious injuries, I decided to transfer to Whitworth University in Spokane my junior year in order to hone my academic skillset in a smaller, more hands-on school setting. Sports allowed me to interact in diverse international groups, enhance my time management skills, and channel my extreme competitiveness into productivity. It was now time to transfer these skills from the field and use them to reach my professional goals. This complete change of lifestyle put me in a new unfamiliar setting, but I am a strong believer that uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations are where people grow.

Now it was time to challenge myself in one of the most competitive work environments in the country, I landed an internship over the summer at Aon in New York City as a risk analyst. This experience furthered my passion for finance and drove me to produce the best possible work. Working on Wall Street provided a new set of challenges; the pace, the competition, and the high pressure allowed me to grow and see what it takes to work in one of the biggest financial markets in the world. I fell in love with it. I gained experience with multiple Fortune 500 companies, high net worth individuals, and helped in complex merger/acquisitions during my internship.

After accepting an offer at Aon once my internship ended, my love of the West Coast and interest in the unique market of San Francisco prompted me to request a move of location from NYC to San Francisco. I begin work there in June.

I cannot think of a better preparation for this new job than the experience I will gain at APCM. Since I have been here, the truly remarkable professionals here have gone above and beyond to help and mentor me, while providing opportunities to refine my skills and gain experience in Private Wealth investment strategy. I look forward to soaking up all the information I can while I’m here and continue to build relationships. While I finish up writing this bio I am looking at the majestic Chugiak range out the window, and reminded how lucky I am that Alaska truly is my only home.

Jack Sedor
Spring Intern




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