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Meet Our Intern – Carter Moore

This summer I have been fortunate enough to serve as an intern at APCM. I have spent the duration of my time here working on the institutional side of the office, where I was informed early on that I was entering as the youngest intern the firm has ever had. I recently received my diploma this May after graduating from Dimond High School here in Anchorage, and I began my internship shortly after. Naturally, my youth and inexperience provided a challenge at this job. However, there could not have been a more helpful and patient team to assist me than the one here at APCM. The whole team has been extremely accessible to answer my every question, no matter how simple. They have continually worked to assure that this internship has been the tremendous learning experience that I hoped it would be. I have gained valuable skills and insights including how to operate universal business programs such as Bloomberg and Excel, how trades are conducted and settled, the significance and value of every position at the firm, and I have been able to observe how real professionals conduct themselves in a working environment.

I am the most recent of a long list of interns at APCM, several of which are now employed by the firm. Many others have gone on to find jobs in finance elsewhere. It is clear that the internship program at APCM is a terrific launching pad for career success. APCM has shown it truly cares about giving back to the community through helping young aspiring individuals advance themselves in the finance industry. This experience has certainly been valuable to me.

This fall I will be attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where I plan to major in economics. I feel well prepared to begin my studies after a summer at APCM. Senior Investment Analyst, Kirsten Halpin, told me, “you are going to be such an expert with Excel spreadsheets, everyone at college will want to be your friend.” After three months here, I think she may be right. I have learned to use numerous programs over the course of my internship that will be advantageous to me in the future. I am very grateful to have been given meaningful and challenging tasks throughout my time at APCM. I am excited to enter college, knowing that APCM has given me all the tools to be successful.  

Carter Moore
Summer Intern 2019


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