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Meet Our Newest Team Member – Meghan Carson

If you have been a long-time blog follower, my face may look familiar: I was an APCM intern three years ago. I am happy to announce that I am back for the long-haul as the private wealth team’s newest associate financial advisor.

I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2015 with a BA in Economics and in 2017 with a BBA in Accounting. Prior to that, I studied Psychology and Spanish at the University of Denver and studied abroad in London.

Mid-way through the last year of my accounting degree, I accepted a position as an accountant at a local public accounting firm. I prepared and reviewed taxes, worked on a variety of financial statement engagements, and dabbled in bookkeeping, payroll, and consulting. I spent two years soaking up everything I could and enjoyed the challenge public accounting provided. In my first year, I passed all four of my CPA exams, recently completed my experience requirement and am now just a couple of short months away from obtaining my credentials. Needless to say, I am excited to see the hard work pay off with those three initials behind my name!

Here is a cliché that has rung true for me: timing is everything. In my five-month stint as an intern with APCM Wealth Management for Individuals (AWMI) back in 2016, I developed a passion for the work I was doing and considered it an enriching and rewarding career opportunity. However, I was set on finishing my accounting degree, getting experience in public accounting, and getting those highly sought-after credentials.

Fast forward three years to a meeting with Cathie and Laura. By this point I had reached the milestones I had established for myself. So, when I was offered a position on their ever-growing team, I knew it was the time to explore an incredible opportunity. I’ll share a cool moment I had as I was making the decision to take a leap of faith into an entirely new career. I was talking to my dad on the phone as I drove home from work one day, asking for his advice. He said he tends to be risk-averse, to which I countered that I felt like I should be taking more risks and getting outside of my comfort zone. At the very moment those words came out of my mouth, a car drove by with a license plate that read: “Risk It.” Sign or just coincidence, I made the leap of faith.

Hard at work, engaged and busy since day one, it’s hard to believe I have only been here just over a month. I am excited to be working with the private wealth team and am really enjoying using my accounting skills in financial planning and investment management. I will be sitting for my Series 65 licensure exam before too long, and then will be working toward the CFP® certification. When I am not working, my free time is spent playing board games, reading, hiking, exercising, serving on the Board of Directors for AWAIC, and working on projects in my new home.

Meghan Carson
Associate Financial Advisor

APCM Wealth Management for Individuals


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