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Leveraging Technology to Protect your Family’s Assets

Over the last year, turmoil from the pandemic, to politics, to GameStop had investors seeking out experts. We were fortunate that during this year of challenges, our clients and business partners already knew we had the technology to model portfolios that can persevere. As well-versed planners, we approached this year like we approach crafting complex investment plans – with innovative technology and prudent processes. We are keenly aware that the adoption of technology has the dual responsibility of taking care of your plan and elevating your experience.

As a small firm, relative to the broad industry, we are nimble and can adopt the most advanced technology delivery systems in the state. As a client, you trust that we leverage technology to:

  • Create a plan specific to you and your legacy
  • Monitor and adapt your plan so you know you will have enough to retire
  • Provide secure access to your plan and portfolio from anywhere
  • Communicate easily with your advisor via Zoom, text, or phone

These are just a few examples of how we employ tools to deliver a seamless client experience and why we were ready for the challenges of the pandemic before anyone even knew a pandemic was coming.

When we were all ordered to work from home, our team did not miss a beat. With our existing ability to remote-access all technology, we were ready to set up shop at our kitchen tables, living rooms, basements, or, if we were lucky, actual home offices (perhaps a converted nook or spare room). For months we have shared our “office” spaces with our partners, roommates, children, fur family, and you. We essentially invited the world through a small screen into our homes, and you invited us into yours – we are thankful we were able to maintain our relationships this way and look forward to the days we can see you in person.

Continuing to provide the best technology in the industry is an AWMI core value. We know that industry technology is only as good as the people wielding it and the relationships it supports. In this last year, the foundation of trust we maintained has served us well, as we welcomed many new individuals, couples, and families as clients. We also continued to seek out professionals who share our passion in working as a team to empower clients, and we hired two new team members. We look forward to earning and maintaining our clients’ trust and to building long-term relationships that will last for generations.

Amber Frizzell, AIF®
Director of Operations and Marketing



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