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I feel so fortunate to be able to return as an intern at APCM for the second consecutive summer. After being sent back early from my first year of college at Belmont University due to COVID-19 concerns, I returned home to Alaska facing a lot of uncertainties. Between navigating classes in a new online format, struggling to find work in a seemingly barren job market (thanks to coronavirus), and being shipped back to the freezing cold, my life was drastically changed from being at college in Nashville.

Needless to say, when I got an offer from APCM to return for the summer I jumped on the opportunity! My experience here last summer was tremendous. The skills and insights into the finance industry that I was able to acquire have been incredibly valuable. As an economics major, I cannot think of a more meaningful summer job, and it has been an absolute pleasure to get to learn and grow for a second year. 

Coming back during a transitional time for the firm, and really the entire world, I have enjoyed taking on a little bit more responsibility in my role this year. I have primarily helped in operations on the institutional side of the firm this summer, and it has been a terrific learning experience. This internship has not only enabled me to familiarize myself with the world of finance and its processes, but more importantly, I have been provided with the perfect example of what professionalism looks like. At a time when the whole world seemed to come to a halt, APCM did not. I have watched the entire team show up day after day and work tirelessly to ensure the long term prosperity of their clients.

I have loved my time at APCM, and I look forward to carrying all that I have learned with me back to Nashville in the fall. I know that I am doing so with a major leg up on my peers. I also know that the skills and experience that I’ve gained interning at APCM will serve me in any career path that I eventually take, whether that is in finance or not. I cannot say enough about how helpful and patient the entire team here at APCM has been with me for almost two whole summers now. I am very happy to be back!

Carter Moore
Summer Intern 2020


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