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Giving through adversity is what makes us great

Fran and Dave dressed for a St. Patty’s Day fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.

There are daily headlines about looming recession, lower dollars in the state budget and cuts in corporate giving to charity. In this season of thanksgiving I’d like to remind us all that we have been here before and what pulled us through then is what I believe will pull us through now. The strong sense of community in the state that we call home.

At APCM we have always had a strong culture of giving back. This started with our founder, Dave Rose. Upon moving to Alaska via the Army right after statehood, Dave and his wife Fran, made a commitment to better the community they called home. He was instrumental in starting foundational organizations such as The Alaska Community Foundation and The Alaska Pacific University Foundation and managed their funds without cost for years. He helped create the state’s first municipal investment pool that allowed communities better access to save money for budget shortfalls. He also established the Frances & David Rose Foundation which funds community causes. All of this when the state faced tough times before.

His greatest legacy was giving this feeling of commitment for his community to all of us here at APCM. The list of our employee’s volunteerism is too numerous to list here and cover a variety local and statewide organizations. The amount of time and money donated to local charities from APCM and its employees is substantial. It is because of this spirit that our firm shares with our neighbors, I believe our future is bright.  We have much to be thankful for this season and we hope you do too.


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