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Inflation, Weathering the Storm

weathering the storm

Central banks are working to curb inflation, and we are beginning to see some positive signs that inflation created by supply chain disruptions is easing while inflation generated by consumers’ excess demand will slow as economic growth continues to slow. Nevertheless, high inflation has created a challenging return environment in 2022. Your team at APCM […]

The Fixed Income Curve Continues to Tell a Cautionary Tale

fixed income curve

The US Treasury Curve is the most inverted it has been since 2000 and Yields are the highest they’ve been since 2006 — reinforcing growth and investment concerns still to come. Many investors are asking — “When will my bonds have a positive return again?” Rates are still going higher for structural and cyclical reasons, […]

All Good Things, Part 2

Here we are- my final APCM blog. Thank you to my collaborators at APCM and APCM Wealth Management for Individuals. It’s been a great ride and fantastic opportunity. They gave me a chance at a moment when I was in transition and starting a new business. They are client #001 in my client database, and […]

Choppy Waters

We all know that 2022 has been a year of increased volatility in financial markets. Fixed income securities are often looked to as a safe haven to protect a portfolio during such times. However, above trend inflation and contractionary monetary policy, among other factors, have led stocks and bonds to exhibit much higher than average […]

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