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Protect Yourself from Online Scams

The internet offers a vast landscape of connection, information, and opportunity. Unfortunately, it also presents a breeding ground for scammers who prey on unsuspecting users. Protecting yourself from online scams is crucial for safeguarding your financial assets, personal information, and even your emotional well-being. This guide equips you with the knowledge to recognize common scams […]

Transitioning with Ease: The Easy Button for Your Estate Liquidation

Estate planning is a crucial aspect of managing your wealth and ensuring a smooth transition of assets to your heirs or other benefactors. The process can be particularly complex, given the unique challenges and opportunities that come with significant estates. One critical component of estate planning is preparing for the potential liquidation of assets. At […]

Maximizing Wealth: Effective Strategies for Every Investor

As investors, regardless of wealth status, navigating the intricate financial landscape is essential for preserving and growing assets. For example, implementing effective tax strategies can not only minimize tax liabilities but also optimize potential financial opportunities. Here are some actions that investors can take to maximize tax efficiency and safeguard their assets.  Maxing your contributions  […]

The College Countdown: A Parent & Student Roadmap for Post-Graduation Planning

Many of Anchorage’s high schools celebrated their graduations this past week. Congratulations to these students as they get ready for the next chapter of their lives, whether it’s college, starting a career, or pursuing a different path altogether – and an extra shout out to all those Dimond Lynx! We know achieving academic success is […]

What is Advisor Alpha?

What is Advisor Alpha? A recent Vanguard study has illuminated a compelling truth: engaging with an advisor who is well-versed in industry best practices can potentially add up to 3% in net returns in additional value for clients.¹ This finding is a testament to the profound impact that expert financial guidance can have on wealth […]

Freezing a Minor’s Credit: Protecting Their Future

With fraudulent activity on the rise, most of us make data security and a regular review of credit card statements part of our own personal routine. However, your child almost certainly can’t say the same. Most parents likely think of credit and data security as something to discuss with their children once they’re teenagers, thinking […]

Guest Author, Chris Lauer – The New Corporate Transparency Act

Corporations.  LLCs.  Limited partnerships.  Whatever the form, millions of Americans own interests in entities like these, and millions more exercise control over them as managers and directors.  There are good reasons why so many people own and control entities like these: they can limit an owner’s personal liability, manage important assets without dispersing control among […]

Spring Cleaning Your Financial Safe: A Guide to Decluttering Your Important Documents

As flowers bloom and the days grow longer, spring brings a sense of renewal and a perfect opportunity to spring clean your home. And what about your financial wellness? This season, extend your spring-cleaning efforts to include the essential documents and valuables in your safe. As always, we recommend consulting with your team of experts: […]

Quarterly Performance Reports: A Clear Look at Your Investment Journey 

Quarterly Performance Reports: A Clear Look at Your Investment Journey  As we close out the first quarter and prepare to share your Q1 performance, we at Alaska Wealth Advisors understand the importance of keeping your financial goals at the forefront of everything we do. Quarterly Performance Reports (QPR) are one way that we communicate how […]

Understanding Retirement Account Contribution Limits in 2024

Planning for retirement involves making strategic decisions about how to save and invest your money. Contributing to retirement accounts is a key aspect of this planning, but it’s important to be aware of the contribution limits set by the IRS for various types of accounts. In 2024, these limits remain critical factors for those seeking […]

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