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Highlighting a Path for Young Investors

Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining my fellow advisors Katelynn Toth, CFP®️ and Stan Moiseev in hosting our annual Pathfinder Webinar. This event was tailored to younger investors, and we discussed the valuable topics of compound interest and savings benchmarks. The following is a summary of our event; don’t hesitate to share this […]

Navigating Portfolio Risk in Retirement

During the transition from your working years to retirement, your investment strategy takes center stage. The principles of derisking, diversifying, and rebalancing are key to navigating the changes that individuals experience. While this transition can be unnerving, our team at Alaska Wealth Advisors is here to help finesse your finances to align with your goals. […]

Navigating the 2025 Tax Sunset: Key Insights You Need to Know

The year 2026 is poised to bring significant changes to the tax landscape, if no new legislation addresses a series of tax provisions collectively known as the “2025 Tax Sunset”. These provisions were introduced through various legislative acts and have had a significant impact on individual and business taxation. As the potential expiration date approaches, […]

TEACH – To learn and grow as industry experts

At Alaska Wealth Advisors we have a deep commitment to continual growth and education. You will see our newer associates announce their CFP™ accomplishment as the second step in their professional ladder after passing their securities exam. We also ask seasoned advisors to look at a deeper specialty that will create a circle of expertise […]

Guest Author – Kevin Berry

Students are increasingly associating higher education with the burden of student debt, leaving students and parents searching for affordable alternatives or delaying enrollment. Fortunately, most degrees still pay out in the long run, and attending university can be a smart first step in a young person’s career path. The well-known risks and downsides of accumulating […]

Is now a good time to sell my iBonds?

With the increasing question regarding the longevity of inflation proof bonds or “iBonds” as a leader in the fixed income industry, building this reference point allows you to take this information and customize it for your unique circumstances. If one thing is for sure in this industry, it is that there are so many questions […]

The Waterfall Effect: A Savings Tactic

Dave Valdez

In a recent meeting, our co-founder, Laura Bruce, CFP®, described the ideal client that we serve.  A common theme kept popping up – we work well with busy professionals.  In addition to busy professionals that are mature in their career, we also work with busy young professionals, such as early career doctors, dentists, and lawyers. […]

Navigating Student Loan Repayment Planning

Sadie Bjornsen Maubet

One of my favorite projects to work on as a financial planner is to help a client create a savings strategy. For some that means starting their first job and determining how much they should put towards their 401(k) vs. their Health Savings account. For others that might mean determining the path of least resistance […]

Thrills and Wills: Estate Planning Basics for Alaskans

Thrills and Wills- Estate Planning Basics for Alaskans

Alaskans are known for living it up during summer months by packing in all sorts of adrenaline riddled activities like flying planes, whitewater rafting, going on backpacking trips, or in my case chucking myself over jumps on horseback. While all these activities (among many others) are what makes Alaska great, it’s a given that these […]

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