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Quarterly Performance Reports: A Clear Look at Your Investment Journey 

Quarterly Performance Reports: A Clear Look at Your Investment Journey  As we close out the first quarter and prepare to share your Q1 performance, we at Alaska Wealth Advisors understand the importance of keeping your financial goals at the forefront of everything we do. Quarterly Performance Reports (QPR) are one way that we communicate how […]

Meet our new team member – Sierra Steele

My career in finance started before I was even aware of it. In high school, I never knew what I wanted to “do”, but I always knew that I wanted to “feel” like I was making a difference and helping people. Since I had an aptitude for math and science, I was encouraged to pursue […]

T + 1 Settlement

As the days in Alaska are getting longer, trading settlement times are getting shorter. For as long as I can remember, the world of securities trading operated on a T+2 cycle. This meant that after a trade was executed, it took three business days (T + 2) for the settlement to occur, where the seller […]

Understanding Retirement Account Contribution Limits in 2024

Planning for retirement involves making strategic decisions about how to save and invest your money. Contributing to retirement accounts is a key aspect of this planning, but it’s important to be aware of the contribution limits set by the IRS for various types of accounts. In 2024, these limits remain critical factors for those seeking […]

Optimizing Employer Sponsored “After-Tax Contributions”

Not every employer sponsored 401(k) plan is created equal. Many larger employers plans allow “After-Tax Contributions”, inside their 401(k) plan. These “After-Tax Contributions” often are for contributions made by an employee above the employee contribution limit, but some plans allow you to contribute to them over time. Employees with plans allowing these types of contributions […]

A Year of Growth and Mentorship

When I joined Alaska Wealth Advisor nearly a year ago, I was a newcomer to the financial industry. Having been equipped with the tools for success through my education and life experiences as a strong foundation, I realized there was still much to learn. This first year has been a journey filled with challenges and […]

5 Considerations for Bridging an Early Retirement

Many individuals face the decision about whether to retire early – either by choice, stemming from a desire to enjoy more years of leisure, or due to unanticipated changes in employment or other life circumstances. Whatever the situation may be, there are several important factors to consider throughout the decision-making process. Our top 5 list […]

Meet our newest team member – Johnathon Brandt

I’m thrilled to be joining the Alaska Wealth Advisors team as an Associate Financial Advisor. My name is Johnathon Brandt, and I bring with me a diverse background in accounting and fiduciary services, along with a passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals. My journey in the world of finance began with my academic […]

More Gifts From the SECURE Act 2.0

2024 has brought some new positive changes from the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act 2.0 which was passed in 2022. SECURE 2.0 has raised the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) age and we are excited about the flexibility that brings. In 2024 the age is 73 and by 2033 it will be […]

Improve Your Tax Filing

It is that time of year again when 1099s and W-2s start flowing in. This year’s filing deadline is April 15 (unless you delay). The past couple of years had deadlines that did not fall on the 15th, but this year does. Here are several simple recommendations that may improve your filing and future tax […]

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