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Freezing a Minor’s Credit: Protecting Their Future

With fraudulent activity on the rise, most of us make data security and a regular review of credit card statements part of our own personal routine. However, your child almost certainly can’t say the same. Most parents likely think of credit and data security as something to discuss with their children once they’re teenagers, thinking […]

Another Kind of Freeze/Thaw: How and When to Freeze Your Credit

Freezing your credit is an easy way to proactively protect yourself against identity theft, or to prevent further misuse of your personal information if you suspect that it’s been compromised. What is a credit freeze? Freezing your credit reduces access to your credit report and prevents new account openings, which is especially important if you […]

Thinking Beyond the Spreadsheet: Making Your Budget Work for You

Thinking Beyond the Spreadsheet- Making Your Budget Work for You

For something that is so foundational to every solid financial plan, “budget” can often feel like a four-letter word. To many, the word “budget” evokes thoughts of what you can’t afford rather than what you can. Our job as advisors is to help our clients identify the goals and priorities that matter most, and to […]

ESG Investing: Aligning Investments and Values

ESG Investing - Aligning Investments and Values

Of the many acronyms that pepper the world of finance, ESG is one that is likely already on your radar. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is a growing trend in the investment world that appeals to socially conscious investors looking for ways to better align their investments with their values. What is ESG Investing? […]

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