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The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Honors Dave Rose

APCM and the Rose family is honored for the recognition extended to the family patriarch, Dave Rose, by the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) and their Board of Trustees at their February meeting. The Dave Rose Board Room was named in recognition of his service as the first Executive Director of APFC and the role he played during the formative days of the Fund. This recognition of Dave’s legacy is particularly special to us as we acknowledge APFC’s continued engagement with Alaska students and the development of the financial services industry in Alaska. Since the founding of APCM in 1992, the firm has maintained Dave’s value of promoting financial expertise in Alaska to “do the right thing” for Alaskans. Our ongoing internship program provides Alaska students the opportunity for hands on learning. By chance, our current intern Louie Lena, attended the APFC meeting and has these remarks:

“I am thankful for the enriching experience to observe the recent Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation board meeting. It was a distinctive opportunity to learn about the incredible development of the Fund, and more specifically, the accomplishments of a pioneer in Alaska. In honoring Dave Rose at the board meeting, I further recognized the impacts he made on Alaska through the crucial role he had in managing our sovereign wealth fund as the first executive director. From my view as a current intern at Alaska Permanent Capital Management, Dave has been able to leave a significant impression on many people and communities across our state. His imprint on Alaska continues on and my appreciation for what he has accomplished for the state is permanent as is his legacy.”

We’ll hear more from Louie and his experiences as an intern in a couple weeks. If you would like to learn more about APCM’s values, feel free to watch our video.


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