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In 2018, APCM Wealth Management for Individuals (AWMI) rolled out a new approach to planning and investments. Accessing our expert advisors via a retainer model, or monthly subscription, allows clients to work with us even if they do not meet the minimum assets required.  We started the retainer model because we were noticing that monthly subscriptions are becoming popular, even in the financial industry. A monthly subscription or retainer fee allows clients who have some assets available to invest and need a financial coach, to have robust and ongoing access to planning.

We initiated this as a pilot program, as we sought to understand if this new service would bring the type of client that our core planning and investment team can partner with to create successful financial outcomes. We are pleased to report that the retainer model is an excellent addition as another means to access our services. This summer, two of our initial six retainer clients will be graduating out of the retainer model and into our regular investment management service because they reached our $500,000 minimum to invest with us ahead of schedule. 

Through the planning and coaching process, both clients discovered they could retire sooner than anticipated. One client, once firmly focused on the financial goals we set, surprised everyone by saving every dollar of one of their salaries for a year to prove they could live on the budget they set.  At the same time, they met their goal to save consistently each month and graduate from the retainer program. More importantly, they made a commitment to each other to make this happen and we had the pleasure of witnessing their success. 

We are moving forward with offering our retainer program to clients that are a good long-term fit to graduate and meet their financial goals. However, we will continue to limit the number of retainer clients we accept to keep our high touch clients service model intact.  We look forward to the years we will spend with all our retainer clients as part of their financial advisory team.




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