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Like many of you, I find myself sandwiched between parenting my 6 and 11-year-olds while caring for my 80+ year old mom with dementia.  That’s my Mom beaming with her completed write-in ballot while my oldest is on the computer behind her.  We live this “Sandwich Generation” concept every day at my home. There is so much fulfillment in being connected in a multi-generational way and responsibility for those of us in the middle. Our AWMI team is by your side.

At AWMI we have hosted a series of events for women and girls and we are always planning for the next year. When our girl’s empowerment event concluded last week, we took a moment to celebrate the 300+ participants over the last two years and then we quickly moved on to a robust discussion about how to continue that outreach with a boy’s event. We are also enhancing our capabilities in financial planning for college funding starting with lunch seminars in 2019.

Before 2019 arrives, we are co-sponsoring a dementia resources symposium in partnership with the Alaska Bar Association on November 8th at the Dena’ina Center. We will follow the medical and legal panel and speak to the financial side of a dementia diagnosis and what you can do before and after that happens. We will join the powerhouse minds of; Sharon Wells, a professional guardian with SeniorCare Services, LLC, Laurie Downing, President of Alyeska Title, and Beth Goldstein, Supervisor in the Office of Elder Fraud for the State of Alaska to give a well-rounded perspective on the financial aspects.

We have designed our 360-degree financial planning process to address the balance between your retirement progress, the needs of launching healthy empowered kids, and taking care of your aging loved ones. We are continually reaching out for new research on how this can be addressed. The Dementia event promises to be a unique chance to bring multi-faceted information together in one room and empower each other to do the best job possible in supporting our clients, friends, and loved ones as caregivers or patients going through this.  Here is more information if you would like to join us.

Marietta Hall, CFP®
Financial Advisor


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